Day 1 iOS 10 Thoughts

It’s not insanely great. It’s fiddly and arbitrary and contains a variety of unnecessary small changes that don’t really jive. For example:

  • Unlocking is no longer a matter of swiping. It’s now annoying
  • Control Center now has multiple cards, defeating its one-touch access purpose
  • The Today screen is a mess and the first thing you have to clean up
  • Notifications on the Lock screen of the iPad are now all over on the left for no good reason
  • Actually Notifications in general now seems… bulky?
  • Folders now include a too-bright transparency at the back, making their titles hard to see
  • Siri seems just as flaky as ever
  • I’m sure if you love emoji then there’s a lot for you. But I never use them and disabled the keyboard long ago. So… ok.
  • It’s still got a confusion over how much of a down swipe counts as bringing up Notification Center as opposed to Siri App Suggestions
  • Siri App Suggestions is still pretty random
  • The advanced Photo search doesn’t seem to work that well yet
  • Very few Siri app integrations seem to exist at this time

On the positive side

  • News looks nicer
  • Music looks simpler
  • You can delete the Stocks app. Huzzah!
  • You can share Notes. A small but useful thing
  • Universal copy and paste seems to work

Things not yet tried

  • The Maps features
  • The Home feature

All in all it’s just not much of anything. iOS11 will need to do a lot more.

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