It’s very easy to see the care put into THE WITCH, then see these gatekeepers deny its existence as genre film, and come to the conclusion that horror fans don’t deserve artful horror movies.
This is why we can’t have nice things: “The Witch” and horror fandom’s gatekeepers
Jason Coffman

It sounds similar to a broader pattern through most of geek culture in the last two years, as seen in the likes of Gamergate, the Sad Puppies and others. It’s a combination of collective embrace of the “right” tropes, a resistance to perceived outsiders, a tendency toward hucksterish conspiracy theories and more. It’s sad to watch on many levels, but the primary lesson is that such hardnut groups won’t change their minds because they are defined by their sense of opposition. Fortunately they’re also very small and wield far less actual influence than they believe.

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