Moving Home with Technology

Technology and gadgets account for some of our most valuable items, in terms of both money and sentiment. Some of our most beloved pieces of electrical equipment are very fragile however which can make moving home with them a pretty troublesome task.

All you have to do is think about what would happen if you accidentally dropped your favourite gadget — most would split into several unsalvageable pieces, rendering them broken forever.

Unless you’re planning on travelling to your new home with a television, games console and DVD player on your lap where you can protect them, you’re going to have to make sure that you do all you can when packing to ensure maximum safety.

Using Boxes

Chances are you’re going to be storing a lot of your belongings in boxes and the same may be true for your technology. Of course, the original boxes are best, after all, they were designed specifically for your item and they’ve probably been through rough times on the road before with no damage.

If you don’t have the box that your product came in, make sure you use an alternative that is suitable for its needs. Ensure that you’ve got sturdy boxes that can comfortably carry the load and are taped securely.

Read the Instructions

Most electronics should come complete with a user guide or instruction manual when purchased. Within them, you may be able to find guidelines for packing and transporting the product on moving day.

Without the manual though, there’s no need to panic. Technology helps technology and many user guides can be found on the internet without too much trouble, either by navigating to the manufacturer’s website or typing the make and model into a search engine.

If your items are going into storage, it is even more important that you consult the instructions. There may be certain conditions and temperatures that will cause your belongings to deteriorate and that’s something that is never welcome.

Packing Materials

Whilst newspaper and other fairly cheap types of paper are fine for protecting most of your possessions when packing and moving, it’s probably not the best idea to use them with your expensive electronics.

Many of your technology items will use an LCD screen which rougher paper and materials can scratch and permanently damage. It’s not just the screens either. Frames can also be scratched leaving aesthetics a little worse for wear.

Invest in some more expensive packing materials for your tech. It may be a little pricier, but not as expensive as replacing an LCD screen.

Protect from Dust

Not content with being a nuisance that seems to appear everywhere for no reason, dust can also be very harmful to electronics. It has a knack of finding its way into every crevice and this includes power ports, fans and other components that technology uses to function properly.

Before putting your items in boxes, clean them appropriately and ensure that no dust is in the box. Seal the box so that no dust can get in and you should be good to go. You may want to give your things another quick cleaning when you get to the new place just to make sure though.

Call in Help

If you are at all confused or at a loss about how to pack your technology when moving, you don’t have to suffer alone. Many local and national removal companies offer a packing service which can take the stress and worry out of making sure your belongings are safe.

They’ll have all the relevant knowledge and experience to ensure that your items are secure and your chosen removals company should also be insured, just in case there does happen to be an accident at any stage.