Tien Skye doesn’t storm into a room and shout ‘I’m here’ with a voice bordering on obnoxious. Nope, Tien strolls in and quietly lays down a trail of gems you’re welcome to pick up and admire, or not. Either way the gems will keep coming. Tien is a regular contributor to The Weekly Knob, and I’d been reading Tien’s stories since we launched the publication, and needless to say, I’ve been consistently impressed, entertained and intrigued. In “I Want A Divorce” Tien addresses the universally undermining condition of self doubt in an imaginative way I think you’ll find resonating, too. If you’ve not discovered Tien yet, you’re in for a super treat. Have a look at
RezoNation First Quarter Roundup
S Lynn Knight

I was happily visiting and bookmarking the pages until I got to this part. I’m surprised and flattered that I got mentioned along with so many other great writers.

Then I actually cried a little. This month has been terrible for me and that’s why I like coming onto Medium, to read and write and away from the nonsense in real life. To come across a praise like this, my heart is really broken with gratitude.

Thank you so much for the mention. I’m going to selfishly print this part out and frame it!

PS: “Tien strolls in and quietly lays down a trail of gems” -> WOW, I didn’t know I do that. I was thinking more of “tip-toeing”, almost to the point of “sneaking”, because I’m never sure how my writing measures up to others. In fact, I didn’t even know how my writing measures up to so many others who write wonderful stories and essays.

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