Adulting 101: Laundry


The first year of college can definitely be tough on many students. Many so called “adult things” your mom or dad used to do is now all up to you, such as getting groceries and vacuuming. One of the hardest tasks some students find is laundry. For some reason students come to college not knowing how to do laundry and are surprised when their clothes end up a different color at the end of their load. Adulting can be hard to master, especially when you are thrown into it without any rulebook but laundry shouldn’t be something students freak out about. The idea of laundry could represent ending one chapter and starting a new one, which some students aren’t ready to accept. Yes, you’re not a child anymore and yes I know this is going to take time to figure out. But c’mon. Laundry isn’t hard and no one should have to live their life unsure of whether the dryer sheet or the tide pod goes in dryer. Hint; it’s the dryer sheet. But don’t worry if you’re at that point right now in your life after reading this you’ll never be confused again…well at least when it comes to laundry. With these three easy steps you’ll soon be walking with confidence into the laundry room.


The washing machine. It can be scary when approaching for the first time, but it’s time to put those fears behind you. I’m going to keep it really easy on how most washing machines work. If you’re going to forget the wise advice I’m about to tell there is just one thing you need to remember, cold water is your friend. Not only does it cause less mixing of colors but it also requires less energy and is thus better for the environment. If you’re someone who wants to go the extra mile then sorting your clothes beforehand is really the best way to do it. Yes, cold water will cause less bleeding in clothes but as the classic phrase goes better safe than sorry. If you’re washing anything particularly special, consider sorting before just to avoid the risk.


Now comes the most exciting part. TIDE PODS. These little suckers are super compact and make doing laundry for students so much easier than lugging a detergent bottle around. Tide Pods carry the same cleaning punch as regular detergent but there are a few complications to look out for if you’re a laundry newb. Tip #1: Be wary of squeezing too hard on the Tide Pod because it has a fragile lining and will burst all over you. Tip #2: Always throw the tide pod to the back of washer to avoid it getting caught in any of the compartments in the washer. Now as long as you don’t get swept up in the Sunday laundry routine, like every student seems to want to do, you shall conquer your next load of laundry with your new found knowledge.


I don’t know what it is about Sunday afternoon, but for some reason it’s the time everyone wants to do their laundry. If you’re a Sunday laundry doer, then you need to go cold turkey and break the cycle. Sunday is probably the worst time to do laundry. No, it is the worst time to do laundry. Everyone is fighting for their turn and the chances of you losing an article of clothing during this chaos goes up exponentially. If you’re new to laundry, which is a lot of freshmen, then stick to the odd times like Friday night or a weekday morning. Those are the times when students are less likely to be doing laundry and you’re able to take longer and not get harassed about it. Avoid the crowd and you’ll avoid one of the freshmenest mistakes freshmen make.


If you want to pass one test in college let it be the test of memory. Out of everything you just read, assuming you read it all, there are three key ingredients to a perfect load of laundry you should try to remember.

1. Cold water
2. Tide Pods
3. Any day but Sunday

While there are lots more to know about laundry that I could bore you on, this is all you really need to know as a freshman in college. Adulting is hard but hopefully this makes it slightly less overwhelming. Godspeed.