No offices in the future

How hackers can work remotely and live everywhere

Find below my deck slides my key note lecture at the University of Verona.

Intro like a real startupper :)
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Today I’m glad to talk in front of you. I’m so excited because today is the first time that I enter in a University. Many of you guys are same age of me.

It is a great pleasure to be here with you today. I must admit I am really excited today because it is actually the first time I enter into a University lecture in my life.

I’m 21. Basically I’m an tech entrepreneur started from scratch. Now I’m launching and working non-stop at

My name is Marco and I am 21 years old and a self made tech entrepreneur . At the moment I am launching and working non-stop at

Vulpem is essentially a team of passionate developers and designers (aka hackers) that works for customers, mostly big enterprises and digital start ups.

The peculiarity of Vulpem is that we don’t have employees. We work create momentary teams with other freelancers. The reason is because as far as I am concerned a talented and passionate person doesn’t works for a boss and will eventually not be ever confined into a cubical.

Hackers refuse authority and 9–5 workday. Indeed, they are too smart to be part of this capitalistic modern slavery

We are creating Vulpem with the vision of liberate the talents and allow the to express them self remotely. Indeed, we don’t have offices and we don’t micro-manage anybody. Our team is distributed all around the world and by different time-zones.

We centralize management and client’s communication from the initial survey to the first prototype. After that, we provision the team with the resources needed.

The other big difference between us and a regular consulting agency is that we value and pay our talents for the output and tasks and not by hours.
 For example a senior developer earn 50$ for a task that he can finish in about one hour. If he can do that for less time, good for him. She will be still paid the same amount regardless of the time.
 A Junior developer will be paid slightly less (ex. 25$) and probably she will need two hours to accomplish the task. It might looking like a not equal treatment, but the result is that a Junior Developer learns and improve his skills in an half of time than she will normally do in other agencies.

an Agile board

How do we achieve our output remotely?
 We manage our tasks with Trello.
 Also, It is worth noticing that we don’t assign tasks to a specific teammate, but the talent will chose his own task according to his preferences

We do not use email or Skype but we brainstorm in asynchronous mode on Slack

We advice each freelancer to track and record the time spent on each task to assure personal growth and self assessment. To achieve this we use Toggl

“So it is: we are not given a short life but we make it short, and we are not Ill-supplied but wasteful of it. ” ― Seneca, On the Shortness of Life

Why are we creating a remote agency? Let’s take a look at the trends for the next 15 years of the freelancer’s market.

In the USA now 34% of workforce is freelance and it has been estimated that it will grow up to 50% in 2030.

Internet speed connection will improve significantly and this will allow us to basically work from everywhere.
 By 2030 we will be working from a co-working in New York or in front of a beach in a poor country with the 6G with no significant differences in the connection speed.

The cost of travelling will reduce significantly. We will be able to move in the world cheaper and faster than ever before. Supersonic jets are not dreams, they will be a reality very soon.

We don’t have a stable office location and hours.

We can earn in a strong currency with high US wage and live in sunny and cheap country. 
 (yes, south Italy is a perfect place for location independent workers)

This is perhaps the most inflated picture about digital nomads. I think nobody can work on a beach with no electricity and most importantly with the sun on the monitor.

The reality is that we get up early in the morning and we work for our clients, but the opportunity to be in a different place every week is priceless. Meeting different people every day is the key to grow in personal as well as professional life as fast as possible.

Paulo Coelho