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Your company may already have a program to fight fraud, such as counterfeits, in the brick and mortar world.

The online and traditional markets are interconnected; you cannot separate the two.

However, in the online world, to be efficient, you must use different tactics. Online, fraud is more widespread because it is easier to cheat, and it is more difficult for brands and sellers to identify and crack down on it. Furthermore, it is easier for fraudsters to disappear and quickly relist themselves under another identity.

More than likely, online fraud is a bigger issue for your business than you realize, and it is growing over time too!

In this article, I will just focus on the following fraud…

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Seed Up has now been in existence for almost 2 years. Seed Up? Our start-up which aims to offer sustainable and quality legal support to new companies.

Challenges and expectations

Initially, the mission was clear: to offer legal support from the very first steps of the start-up, which is essential for its development.

The obstacles were known, at least we thought so! A certain fear, even an aversion to being assisted by legal advisors: a service whose initial added value is not obvious, a prohibitive and not very transparent cost, a risk of being considered as of second importance compared to more mature clients.

The challenges naturally stemmed from such obstacles and could be summarized as follows:

- Convince, through examples and real-life experiences, that legal support is essential from…

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Behind any smartphones, computers, cars, credit cards or banking systems there is code. It is everywhere, even if sometimes we fail to see it. Coding has changed our way of keeping and sharing information, knowledge and data. We have grown with code and it has shaped our world, even if we do not like it. Coding is now something that allows humans to access a whole new world where information, knowledge, data, photos, videos are sent so rapidly that it is quite unthinkable. Through coding, it was possible to find lost people, reunite families and to make the world more accessible.

Coding or the inevitable digitalization of life

Being reluctant to digitalization is sometimes still in vogue. Maybe because we are not familiar with it or because code is behind lots of tools we use at least once a day and we do not understand how it works. And for this simple reason, we need to embrace code and not fear it. …

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Nowadays, it is not possible to think business without thinking content strategy anymore. Why? Because in our digital era, content strategy has become a prerequisite to leverage marketing goals and boost sales. Although businesses know it is useful to have a content strategy, there are still 40% of them that don’t have a documented content strategy according to a recent survey from the CMI. True, this is a lot of work, but it can be managed. Break it down into doable steps and you will reap the rewards of your hard work! But first, let’s see what content strategy is about.

Content strategy: what is it exactly?

Content strategy is a roadmap that allows you to produce relevant content in line with both your business objectives and customers’ needs. In other words, it is the framework that you set up to ensure that each piece of content you will create in the long term serves a specific business goal while bringing value to your customers.

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Cloud-based solutions are here to stay — which is why it might be high time to take advantage of them. Find out how you can use SaaS tools to transform your business.

Cloud computing has been a trending topic for a few years now. Yet, many businesses still don’t seem to know how to take advantage of cloud-based solutions. It might be because the awareness of their benefits remains insufficient — even though “the cloud” basically surrounds us nowadays.

As the popularity of SaaS model increases, though, it’s only a matter of time before cloud-based solutions power a lot more companies. Here’s what SaaS & cloud-based solutions can do for your business and how to make good use of them before your competitors do.

What are cloud-based solutions in the first place?

Essentially, cloud computing revolves around storing and accessing…

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If your company is manufacturing products or designing services, and selling directly to end customers, you have much more control over the customer experience and sales process, vs. a situation where channel partners are acting as middlemen between the manufacturer and the end customer.

In this article I will focus on companies operating via an indirect distribution model, in Europe.

In such a situation you may experience complex challenges due to a lack of channel control.

The 4 critical success factors for manufacturers are to:

  1. Capture & learn how to use end customer data
  2. Shift investments to focus on online channel partners with the best e-commerce capabilities
  3. Win sales & share on online marketplaces
  4. Keep channel inventory under control

1. Capture & use customer data to develop your business

Customer data is the ‘’Gold’’ of the 21 st century. Companies able to effectively capture, and use such data to send customers relevant, personalized offers…

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Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

Security can be a sticky subject to engage people with, and the chances are even some of your most tech-savvy developers think it gets in the way of a smooth user experience. But you and I know that in 2019, when brand loyalty is increasingly hard to come by, the best user experience is a secure one. Thing is, you need the support of your entire organisation to truly deliver this. So, here are five ways to make your security awareness campaigns sticky for the right reasons, i.e. totally awesome and unforgettable. Hopefully, it’s already sounding simpler than you might have thought…

One fundamental before we stuck in: make friends with your comms function. First, get their buy-in for what you want (and need) to say, and providing you win them over with a little charm, this will give you a good understanding of what you’ve got to play with. They’ll know what else is going on that could compliment or support your message, help you tailor tone of voice to different audiences, and they ‘ll have a direct line to the top to get some all important endorsement from senior management.

Keep the message simple

Gradually, more technology is being developed to be secure by…

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As customers shift from traditional channels to e-commerce, many companies have to go through digital transformation. This is happening in all industries albeit at different speeds. You may have heard people say: It is all about digital marketing’’ or Online is just a new Route To Market’’. Is it really that simple? What functions are affected by digital transformation?

Beyond the sales / marketing debate

Digital transformation is about corporate change ‘’

Digital transformation is happening in all industries, at different speeds: The entertainment (books, music, videos…) and travel industries were the 1 st to be transformed. The retail industry came next. The banking, insurance and healthcare industries are still in very early stages of this difficult journey.

A frequent misconception is to believe that it can be led by the sales manager because it is just a different route to market. Other companies, often very strong brands, believe it is all about transformation to digital marketing.

The truth is a lot more complex…

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Stress & Mindfulness, 21century buzzwords. It is not surprising today that we find a rise of people practicing meditation techniques, taking mindfulness courses, using HeadSpace as a tool for relaxation. In fact due to the amount of stress people live, a solution must be found in order for us to still find a way to enjoy life. In this article I’d like to show how looking inside is a necessary step to finally live a harmonious life.

We have a job, our job is a source of stress.

If we have no job, not finding a job is stressing.
If we have too much work, we stress of not finishing on time and meeting the deadlines.
If we have too little work, we stress of not knowing what to do.

Any situation can become, if we want it to, our new source of stress.

When asking people what is the source of their stress, they will often say that this person or this situation is the problem. If this situation or person would disappear, the stress would disappear to be gone.

Is the situation or the person the…

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Breaking news: the world of work is witnessing radical and rapid changes. In this new reality, the concept of employability is becoming key to successfully pilot one’s professional journey (yeah, as you know “career” got stuck in the 20century 😉 ). Here are a few tips to help you surf the new wave.

A shift of paradigm

The generational change, the digital transformational tsunami, new political, economic and environmental challenges are shaping day after day our work environment, which is becoming more and more VUCA — for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. All of this fundamentally questions our relation to work, bringing on the table the need for more agility, mobility, emerging skills — and resilience, too.

It’s a radical shift of paradigm: it seems today we should think of ourselves as LEGO bricks, being able to adapt and integrate into different teams and constellations — and to remain useful in the long run, while in the…


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