Silicon Valley insider Karen Wickre shares her advice on establishing and maintaining connections based on generosity.

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Karen Wickre, super connector and author

If there’s an essential tip to understanding how to be better at networking, it’s this: don’t think of it as networking. Think of it as more of a lifestyle.

And if there’s an ideal guide to show you that this is not a ridiculous idea, but a thing you, and just about anyone, can actually do, it’s Karen Wickre. A Silicon Valley veteran who has covered the tech space as a journalist, advised startups, and held editorial and comms roles at Twitter and Google (she joined the latter in 2002 when there were fewer than 600 people on board), Wickre lives the approach. …

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Like so many movements, moments and memes in this world, it all happened so fast. Seemingly minutes after The Washington Post revealed that Stephen Ross, the billionaire owner of Equinox and SoulCycle, among other entities, was hosting a fundraiser for… you know… , Equinox was trending on Twitter, calls for a boycott gained serious steam, and headlines were generated across verticals. Celebrities weighed in on social media. Out magazine Editor Phillip Picardi called for a Fashion Week boycott of Hudson Yards — the monster New York development from Ross-owned Related Companies.

As a brand, Equinox is built not only on an image of beautiful bodies, but on a progressive, inclusive persona. The company is known for its annual Pride campaign, and for its provocative ad campaigns featuring double breast feeding, and models with double mastectomies. So, needless to say, the Equinox base is liable to have zero chill when it comes to funneling their money, no matter how indirectly, into certain stubby-fingered hands. …


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