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3 Powerful Processes to Attract What You Want At Will

I was using The Secret without knowing it. I’ve learned from different experts and gurus and they’re all referring to the same fundamental, The Secret. This article will show you 3 powerful processes to use attract what you want at will and how I’ve used them in Money.

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I first knew the book The Secret when I was 16–17 years old. My sister bought the book and I was intrigued by the title. I took the book from a brown 5-tier bookshelf and opened it. First page says “You attract what you think about.

Hmph, ridiculous!” I closed the book and threw it away.

Fast forward 10 years later, I’m 27. My boyfriend bought the latest version of The Secret and I saw it on his bookshelf (this feels like a deja vu). Somewhere at the back of my brain tells me “Read that book”. I took the book and read the first page, second page, third, fourth till the last page in 3 days.

I had a total shift of mindset compared to 10 years ago. Because The Secret happened for me, unknowingly when I started practicing compassion, gratitude and envisioning.

Then, unexplainable events unfolded in my life. I get more of what I’m grateful for. Most customers are kind to me. I get to help a life coach to write for his blog. I get support from my manager and directors for my mini project. I get more of what I envisioned.

Finally, I realized The Secret, the Law of Attraction is happening to me, for me. But I want to use this power consciously. It’ll definitely grow much stronger and faster to manifest if I’m consciously using it.

So, I’m using 3 powerful processes to attract what I want at will.

Switch your frequency from 0 to 1

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0 is negative. 1 is positive. You generate two kinds of frequencies with your thoughts, positive or negative. To attract the things you want, think positive thoughts. Your brain immediately broadcasts positive frequency to the universe and positive pictures will come into your life.

How to do it?

Ask yourself “What am I feeling?” Feeling good? You’re thinking positive thoughts. Feeling bad? You’re in negative frequency. Emotions are a perfect indicator of what you’re thinking. It’s impossible to think positive and feel bad at the same time. Can you do that?

I can never figure out “What are my thoughts?”. There are too many of them! Feelings are much simpler to be aware of.

Ask yourself “What am I feeling now?”

Use The Creative Process — A.B.R

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I was doing a half-assed job before I get to know about this process. I asked for what I want but it wasn’t clear. I can’t picture to the smallest details. But still, I was able to reap the rewards of The Secret.

What if I used The Creative Process with full conscious? The rewards will be even faster, even better, isn’t it? This Creative Process is what I found from the book,

Ask: Get really clear of what you want and ask from the Universe

I’ve always wanted a dream house, but I can’t picture how it looks like in both exterior and interior. Recently, I went to a showhouse nearby my neighborhood and I found one. My dream house. I went inside, walked around a few times and I’m able to visualize the exact same picture, in and out. I stood in the middle of the house, close my eyes and say “Universe, I want this house.

Believe: Speak, act and think as if you’ve received what you want.

To me, this is the tough part. I have to stop thinking “I can’t afford it, I need to save” if I believe I’ll receive my dream house. Because the Tifa living in that dream house is a wealthy Tifa. If I’m wealthy, I’ll never say things like “I can’t afford it”. So I need to pretend like I am wealthy, I am living in a luxurious house and “I can afford, I am wealthy” thoughts should fill my mind.

Receive: Feel the way you will feel once you’ve received what you asked for.

I feel wealthy, I feel happy, I feel free and I feel relaxed”. I feel these emotions right now because I can make-believe that I have received my dream house and start living like a wealthy person. I am already feeling good and my dream house is on its way.

Show gratitude to what you already have

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Undeniably, gratitude is preached by 90% of the world’s best selling authors, gurus, experts, and psychologists. Fundamentally, it’s The Secret. Feeling grateful is a positive feeling. You’ll get more of what you’re grateful for because of The Secret. The law of attraction is impeccable.

Say thank you for the moment you woke up.
Say thank you before you get out of bed.
Say thank you when you’re eating.
Say thank you for having the eyes to read this.
When you’re walking.
When you’re working.
When you’re angry, sad, frustrated, stressed out.
When you’re lost.

Thank for what you have now. Gratitude sends powerful signals to the Universe to manifest more positive people, circumstances and events for you.

Personally, I have a gratitude journal. I write top 3 things that I’m grateful for. I say thank you before I get out of bed. I say thank you when someone gives way. I say thank you every time I have the chance.

Now that you’re aware of these 3 powerful processes, the next question you’ll probably ask is “What’s next? What do I do with them?” In the next 5 minutes, I’ll share how I’ve used The Secret in one of the most important areas of my life — money.


Before I knew about The Secret, I have these sort of thoughts,

I have to save a lot and leave just enough for my fluid expenses.
I cannot waste my money and buy stuff that I don’t need.
I cannot walk around the mall or else I’ll be tempted to buy even more.
I have to stay at home so I don’t use any money.
I have to keep saving!

My thoughts are deadly focused on saving, cannot waste money, cannot be tempted and stay at home. I realized these are very negative thoughts and I’ve been channeling such strong negative frequencies to the universe. Worst is, I’ve always felt I don’t have enough money. My emotion has amplified the thoughts.

That’s why my money situation hasn’t improved one bit. I’m literally asking for more events that make me feel “I don’t have enough money”.

I’ve decided to change the way I feel about money. I want to feel like I have more than enough, that I am wealthy.

I want to switch my frequency from 0 to 1. I think positive thoughts repeatedly about money, and I say them out.

I have more than enough money. So I give more.
I am wealthy.
I can buy that.
I can afford that.
I feel good when I invest in myself.

The results are instant! I couldn’t believe I feel better about money just by saying these words to myself. How did it happen? I don’t know but results speak the truth. Gradually, I feel better and better towards money. I still save, but I’m seeing the other side of money — the wealthy side.

I used The Creative Process.

The Secret Cheque is my dream cheque. I wrote MYR10 million. I asked for MYR10 million in my life, every year.

The next thing I asked for is “The kind of life I have when I have MYR10 million every year”. I wrote down a loooong list of stuff I would buy, I would do, I would have and I would feel and think.

Now, I am clear of what I’m asking for. Next, I need to believe and feel I have the money now.

The Secret says asking for MYR10 million is like ordering from a food menu. You placed the order and you know it’ll come. I believe MYR10 million will come into my life and I need to be completely prepared when it arrives.

I need to speak, act and think like I already have MYR10 million. I can’t spend more than my earnings but there are things I can do right now.

Such as Charity. I’d do charity and donate my time and money. Such as Window Shopping. I’d walk around the mall and say “I can buy that, I can afford that” to every single item I wish to buy (just not now). Such as Visiting My Dream House. I’d visit my dream house and visualize myself living in that house.

I’m already living 20% of MYR10-million-per-year kind of life. I have placed my order, I know it’ll come and I feel so good as if MYR10 million is already here.

But I don’t stay in The Creative Process all the time. I know it’ll come and at the same time, I’m grateful with what I have now.

I’m grateful I have a job that gives me a stable income.
I’m grateful I have a spacious house that gives me safety.
I’m grateful I have the internet to publish this blog.
I’m grateful I have time to invest in myself.
I’m grateful I have a loving and gentle boyfriend.
And a lot more!

With gratitude, I focus on the good things around me and opened doors for more positive events, people and circumstances to unfold in my life.

Do you notice it all began with one thing?
Positive thoughts.

In my next article, I’ll share some ways to use The Secret in Love Relationship. I told you that I’m grateful for having a loving and gentle boyfriend, right? I would’ve told you otherwise if I didn’t use The Secret.

Thank you so much for reading till the end. I want to know what’s the biggest key takeaway from this article and what action would you take after this.

Write your response below and I’d very much like to interact with you.