From Business to Tech

Tiffany Peña
Dec 15, 2019 · 3 min read

How my journey has given me tools to help my tech career!

From implementing a new administrative system for a fast-growing company to helping my husband with his startup, my vast background in business gave me the jump start I needed to learn to love having a career. Working in administration taught me the true meaning of working with a team, how everyone plays a part in bringing together a successful day and job well done.

The administration is the peanut butter and jelly of the business sandwich, holding together the outside forces of sales and service. At the same time, startups are to an owner like a baby to a mother. They cherish it, pour their heart and soul into it and it is so fragile it needs so much TLC. Helping my husband with his startup business taught me the challenges one might face and the hard work, commitment and perseverance it requires to be successful.

Later in life, I moved to the financial side of the business, learning what it means to small businesses to have a great accountant and tax preparer. As a bookkeeper and tax preparer, I learned how to follow strict guidelines for optimal results. I also had my first experience of working remotely and learned how critical communication is while working with a remote team.

As a banker for a Fortune 500 company, I learned strategies and business solutions currently implemented within the tech realm such as Professional Development Plans and Competency Builders. However, probably most importantly, I learned that I have tendencies to be a perfectionist, and have an amazing attention to detail. I also can empathize with customers and work hard to create solutions to help them stay satisfied with my services. As a relationship banker, it was my responsibility to build trust by asking questions in which I would uncover hidden needs and form a long-term relationship. These tools have carried over with me into my new-found career and remind to me thrive to provide solutions through technology.

Proceeding with my degree and career was a dream that I personally put off too long. I needed to fill that void of passion for tech and design I had for too long. The courageous steps I took to plunge full force into an online degree program proved my ability to take on more and dedicate myself to this field. Every project has brought out that passion and enjoyment by and by. While I may not be the Senior Developer I so thirst to be someday, I have more drive, passion, motivation, perseverance, and dedication than I knew I had, and my take on learning to code has only proven that.

Software & Web Developer. Follow me @designr_tiffany

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