Expert Tips For Staying on Track After The Holiday Season

The holiday season like Christmas and New Year is that part of the year for which everyone waits with bated breath. During this time, there is bonhomie in the air and people love to shop, eat, drink and make merry. However, it is also a challenge not to get swayed by the many lures of boozing, smoking and partying. Overdosing on weeds or other substances often becomes the norm during this time. People also consume alcohol beyond their limits and end up feeling giddy or running into other troubles. Eating unhealthy is also followed by guilt pangs.

Amid all these, there is a chance of people getting hooked on to alcohol or other substances which they try for fun during the holiday season. Hence, one should take certain precautions not to get trapped in all these vices and to continue with the earlier healthy habits. Experts have many pieces of advice to offer which may help people from being swerved towards getting hooked to addictive substances and suffer from stress and anxiety thereafter.

Here, we discuss some of the ways experts suggest to stay on track after a holiday:

Having goals: Setting goals to stay fit can work wonders for those who tend to get heavily influenced by the atmosphere. A pre-set dietary plan can thwart temptations to gorge on food, wine and other indulgences. This will help people muster required willpower to make choices which are aligned to the goals.

Recipe makeovers: Overhauling the usual holiday recipe or the ones immediately after the festive season can be a good idea to escape the guilt or anxiety of overeating and putting on that extra bulge. It would not only ensure that one eats healthy but will also protect one from going through any anxiety of having overeaten and overindulged.

Measures to control portions: Eating a piece of pie or cake during the holiday season is usually unavoidable. But one can cut on that by choosing smaller spoons or ladles to serve delicacies. With a smaller spoon, there will be less portion on the plate every time one helps himself or herself to more food.

Practicing mindful eating: This is a very good practice if one wants to cut down on eating too much. It involves slowing down and paying attention to the act of eating. When one savors each bite, the food intake gets reduced and one takes a voluntary break from eating extra.

Stepping outside: Stepping outside the house or arranging a family get-together, be it over a football match or for that matter any such outdoorsy activity, will help curb the tendency to overeat.

Swap a shopping trip with a workout session: Instead of going on shopping and splurging, it is better to go for a workout and burn those calories. All the remorse of spending hefty amount during a shopping spree can be replaced with feelings of doing a noble activity like a workout. It is a win-win situation; on the one hand, it will save money while on the other it will benefit one’s health. Besides, it will also prevent any feelings of anxiety from breeding.

Dealing with anxiety disorders

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