Tapjoy Named a Finalist for 2018 ThinkLA IDEA Awards

We are so honored to be nominated, along with 20th Century Fox and Vizeum Global, for a 2018 ThinkLA IDEA Award!

As a finalist in the best mobile campaign category, our UnBULLievably Entertaining campaign for the theatrical film Ferdinand, brought the lovable bull to life through interactive, rich-media creatives within the mobile gaming environment.

The campaign featured three customized playable ad units, optimized and localized for consumers in 16 different countries, which resulted in over 220 unique creative experiences. The creatives mimicked similar gameplay mechanisms as the games the users were playing, resulting in opt-in, deep engagement and action. Therefore, it is no surprise that the campaign exceeded many of our internal benchmarks, allowing us to share this special honor with our friends at Fox and Vizeum at the ThinkLA IDEA Awards Gala on June 7th, 2018.

To learn more about the ThinkLA IDEA Awards Gala and other finalists, click here!



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