Tapjoy’s Steve Wadsworth Takes His Thoughts on Ad Pricing Models to AdExchanger

Here at Tapjoy, we’ve been espousing the theme of “metrics that matter” as a way of getting advertisers to focus on driving meaningful results, instead of worrying about shallow metrics like reach and impressions. To that end, our CEO, Steve Wadsworth, has published a guest post in AdExchanger’s On TV & Video column offering his thoughts on how the industry can finally move beyond the CPM pricing model to drive better business outcomes.

Titled “What Might Replace the CPM Pricing Model for Video Ad Buying?”, the article explains why now is the right time for the industry to move past CPM ad buys and build new pricing models based on the pillars of accountability, transparency and performance. While industry pundits have been calling for the “death of the CPM” for years, Steve’s article is among the first to offer specific prescriptions for what might take its place. His advice? Read the full article to find out.



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