Can HBCUs Create a Black Silicon Valley?
Jarrett Carter Sr.


I love the direction of this article, however I can echo the sentiments of Mr. Glenn’s comments where I think the listings may be a little premature without considering many other the talented programs across the country. In my opinion more than engineering powers what makes Silicon Valley thrive. The relationship between capital markets, academia and industry really set that region of the country apart. Based on this analysis, we can't forget an HBCU such as North Carolina Central University (NCCU) that sits in the heart of the Research Triangle Park, which Raleigh shares geographic ownership with Durham, North Carolina. I agree with your listing of Raleigh as to where the next Silicon Valley may happen however, I would extend it to the entire Raleigh-Durham region. American Underground, a top exchange and working space nationally hosts an accelerator which aims to be the hub for minority entrepreneurship. Location mixed with academic and industry partnership potential should merit schools in the position as NCCU a chance to top lists like these. I think its critical that we all recognize that engineering programs are only a portion of the Silicon Valley engine. Media also plays a huge role in the formidable valley culture. In order for HBCU’s to create a Black Silicon Valley the transparency, breadth and reliability of our media sources will have to take on a similar position. Your article is a great start of a conversation we should be having nationally.

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