Social Design Pathways

Design for Social Innovation

Tiffany Lai, Allison Huang, Susie Lee, Noah Johnson

My group focused on the scale of social innovation for mental health, stress, and work-life balance:

We quickly ran into the issue that our topic was intangible, and therefore difficult to solve. We started small, at stress balls, which is just one product by one designer that affects an individual. If we move diagonally through the “ideal” social design pathway, we would have events, workshops, or lectures about stress culture and awareness, as well as an online therapist service. Lastly, the ideal is to change work policies for vacation or changing the 9 to 5 work schedule to better fit people’s lives.

My group and I found it difficult to fill out each box of the social design pathways matrix, especially because of the similarity of ideas and placements. I think if we tackled a different issue it would be slightly easier, but I still found it helpful to lay out the ideas in this matrix, especially to find the best/ideal path.