Not Cool, Tiffany
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

augustkhalilibrahim, initially I credited NY times at the bottom of my post and didn’t have time to dig deep to find the original owners of those questions. I’m actually appreciative when a few people told me about the original source, which I immediately added into my post (and btw, thanks for telling me about Mandy Len Catron — I just added her into my credits).

Second, I never claimed those questions were mine. My exact words were, “Luckily, I’ve scoured through tons of articles offering some refreshing date questions, and through my own filtering process, I’ve personally picked the best ones that will bring that special someone even closer to you.”

I picked questions from articles I’ve leafed through — all with the intention of sharing questions I personally think are great to ask. I even reread it over a dozen times just to make sure it was clear. But is it still not clear enough?

Third, these questions have touched upon my personal (dating) life which actually inspired me to even write this piece. I always felt bored with my dates, because they’d all ask the same kind of questions, so I wanted to express my experience and share with people what I thought would be super helpful for their relationships. I think how you’re seeing it is ALL copy & paste, but how I see it is sharing what I think are good dating questions based on the sources I’ve found.

Fourth, this is an experimental post I’m running for one of my big projects: Getting 50k traffic from Medium. What I’m doing will be more clear once I document all my experiments and explain why I’m writing these posts.

Hopefully, this clears things up a bit. But anyways, I’ve emailed NY Times and sent them this link so we’ll figure things out from there.

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