I’d like no propose the answer is “work is broken.”
Cory Caplan

I see where you’re coming from Cory Caplan, and I’m definitely not using work as my means of closing myself from loving others/myself included.

What I’m really aiming for is to work towards financial freedom, where I no longer have to rely on somebody else for my well-being. And I do want to be able to support not just myself, but my parents as well. After all, they’re the ones who’ve invested so much into me that the least I can do is give back to them when they need the most attention.

As for working for startups or businesses where everyone is just there to compete with everyone else and cash in profits, it’s just a natural thing people gotta do to make a simple living. I mean, we’re all in this together where we gotta work to live. But there is something where you can enjoy work and the things you learn there (which is what I’m going through at Rabbut).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cory. Definitely will keep your advice in mind. :)

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