Help Wanted!
Soham Dutta

“Lately, whenever I sit to write something I am at a loss — not for words but for conveying the idea meaningfully.”

Soham Dutta, you’re not alone. I face this problem EVERY time, because usually my thoughts are a jumble of mess in my head. There’s just something different about saying something from your head vs writing it down.

And I believe it’s this “no, I don’t think this is perfect” mindset that prevents us from conveying our idea fully. I know we want our words to be clear, so others can understand what exactly is on our mind. But the thing is, when we try too hard, we end up saying something more vague, off-topic and then our thoughts get even more lost.

So here’s what I suggest: 
Write a basic outline of what you wanna say (it’s old school stuff, but it still works!). Then start brain dumping all your thoughts from that one point until there’s nothing else left to say. Then jump to the next point. Polish everything up once your main ideas are down (+ some examples, descriptive details, swap for better words).

It’ll help. :)