The Idea House

Envisioned by Maria Camille

The Idea House is a forward thinking concept for building a remarkable living space within the rain forest on the Caribbean of Costa Rica that includes a large studio where artists, writers, photographers, producers, choreographers, entrepreneurs, think tanks and creators of ideas can come together.

Maria Camille envisioned the concept as she is looking for the best use of a beautiful piece of land she owns on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

“I want the land to be used for a higher purpose. A place that can inspire others to produce their creative ideas and provide the setting to reinvent oneself.”

The land sits within 250 acres of primal rain forest next to a yoga resort with the Caribbean Sea just a few miles away. It is continuously astonishing and its opportunities are boundless.

Currently, they are bringing a small Team together to raise the funds to build and own The Idea House.

Maria’s Magazine: I produced an Experience Magazine of my latest trip to Costa Rica and have pages in this issue on The Idea House.

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