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Meir Ezra has built 24 successful multi-million dollar companies in 26 countries across the globe and is a speaker and business coach.

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July 14 & 15, 2015, Toronto — SOLD OUT!!!

Next Fear to Freedom: September 7–9

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You will finally create the Success

You Know You Can Create!

How come others, less talented and not as good as you

Succeed more than you?

Why don’t you succeed as you should and deserve?

You have the knowledge, you are qualified…

Yet you do not succeed like you want or can.

Every time you failed, every time you did not get what you wanted, every time you experienced a disappointment, you had a barrier.

Study reveals there are only THREE BARRIERS that prevent you from succeeding.

I am looking forward to welcoming you at our totally new seminar:

From Fear to Freedom

- How to Clear Your Barriers to Success

What Will You Learn?

What is the source of all business failures?

Why don’t you use and apply the tools you have learned?

Why do you have ups and downs in your business?

Why do you experience stress, fears, worries and unrest?

What are the external influences that prevent your business from reaching its full potential?

What causes most people to fail with money, diet, relationship and life?

What prevents you from making it BIG?

And more knowledge and tools that will change your life forever…

What will be the results?

You will discover the hidden source of your failures

You will know how to instantly handle it

You will learn how to avoid falling into the same trap in the future

You will know what causes your failures, for low periods and bad feelings

You will learn why your business experiences the famous rollercoaster

You will be able to eliminate stress, fear and worries that stop you

You will have the answers to questions you had from the day you were born — or even earlier.



WHEN: September 7–9, 2015

WHERE: Toronto, Canada

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