In other words: this thing others call “nothing” I see as “contentment.”
Read This If You’re Not Sure You Want Kids
Kris Gage

So funny ~ that’s actually how I see parenting, now that I’m in the weeds doing it. My life was full of visible stuff, activities, me participating in the world when I was happily childfree. I was friending and arting and musicking, working and foodie-ing and traveling.

Then came baby. I was holed up somewhere with a milk pump attached to my boobs, singing soft songs to a tiny little thing.

So I felt like I went from “lots of everything” to a new kind of “nothing” that held both contentment and confusion. My self-worth and identity, in addition to my time, were really wrapped up in work, political activism, and community involvement. It’s been challenging.

And like most seriously, soul-level challenges, it’s resulted in huge, wild changes to my mind and my view of the world. I’d call parenting the #1 most challenging, rewarding, amazing, mind-blowing thing I’ve done in my life. But I sure never expected to do it. I thought writing books and traveling the world would be more exciting. Turns out I really needed both.