Where is my App commission?

Understanding Stripe Commission Payments for your Marketplace App

Congratulations, your technology startup is launching its first marketplace app! You have spent the time getting the app built and are ready to go live but the commission payout in Stripe is ambiguous.

This article will show you two ways to see your Stripe commission that was generated from your marketplace app. The Stripe account must be setup as a “Connected” account. Stripe has three types of “Connected” accounts: Standard, Express, and Custom. See Stripe Connect for more information regarding the account differences and API configuration.

The first way to view your commission, is to select “Connect” from the side bar.

Then, select “Collected fees” from the top bar.

The Collected Fees screen shows the amount you will be paid and the date the transaction occurred. The marketplace vendor will be paid the remaining balance minus your commission(collected fees), and Stripe’s fees. See the example below:

This is an example payout screen of a marketplace vendor. The total payment was for $8.00, the vendor was paid $3.47 because the fees were paid first.

To view the payout schedule for your App, Select “Payouts” from the side bar. This screen will display the amount and the date the money will be deposited to your account.

The another way to view the your App commission, is to select “Payments” from the side bar.

Then, select “Balance” to see your commission (collected fees) from each transaction.

This article shows how to view the commission payments generated from your Stripe connected marketplace app.

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