Goettl Provides Heat for Las Vegas Family and Demonstrates Benefits of Zone Controlled Heating

Goettl Air Conditioning, with offices located in Phoenix, Ariz., Tuscon, Ariz., and Las Vegas has been demonstrating the value of a good relationship with the community and the world at large. Through recent endeavors, Goettl is going above and beyond to show what it really means to try and make a difference for the better.

Over the holiday season, Goettl proved to be a source of light, or rather, heat for a Las Vegas family. Abana Stephenson and her family had been dealing with living in a house without a functioning air conditioning or heat unit or toilet. According to Stephenson, her two teenage daughters had become used to the situation.

“At least ten years these kids have been coming down right in the room where we’re at and sleeping to either stay cool in the summertime or to get warm in the wintertime,” Stephenson said.

The manager of Goettl Air Conditioning, Michael Gamst, learned that the family needed help and sprung into action. Gamst, along with some of his team members at Goettl, arrived at the Stephenson home and installed a new air conditioning and heat unit and toilet for the family, free of charge.

The workers at Goettl and the nonprofit organization Triple5teens donated gifts to the family as well. Stephenson expressed her gratitude for the contributions.

“It makes me have faith in people again that there is good caring people out there,” Stephenson said.

Before installation of the new unit, the Stephensons’ electricity bill was around $600 a month. Gamst says he expects for the family to see their bill cut in half at the very least.

In another positive recent development, Goettl has used technological innovation to help people conserve energy and saving substantially on heating bills. While the areas they service are predominantly warm, Goettl still emphasizes the need to have properly functioning heating units.

Through their “zone controlled heating,” Goettl heating units warm a home based on needs pertaining to each individual room. Thermostats are spread around a home in different rooms, in unique temperature zones. The heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system of the house responds by heating that room specifically. This means users with zone controlled heating will be able to heat their homes on a room-by-room basis. This is great news for anyone who finds that one room is heated ideally, but another room is too warm.

We’re always looking for ways to cut down on our energy bills, and this will be a great way to do just that. Instead of using more heat than we require all around the house, areas in need of heating are now targeted specifically. Plus, the environmental factor cannot be discounted. By requiring less energy to heat a house, there is much less of a chance of fuel being wasted. It is very well possible that this could change how homes are heated in the near future.

Through efforts such as these, Goettl has demonstrated how to give back to people in ways that count. Thanks to them, a family that was without air conditioning, heat or a toilet now have both. Plus, they have utilized technological innovation to make heating units much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Hopefully, Goettl will be able to keep this up and raise the standard for high quality when it comes to heating, air conditioning and charity.

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