Product Analysis of Plantronics CS520

Plantronics CS520 is a headset that is perfect to be used with the phone. It is actually a binaural wireless headset which means that it has two ear cups. This wireless headset is of unique class. There are only a few wireless headsets present in the market of which it is the one.

According to the Plantronics, it is ideal for those people who spend more than 3 hours on the phone. If you are one of them, then you must use this binaural wireless headset. The 2 ear cups provide a less exhausting hearing experience because the sound is dispersed equally among the ears. In this way, you would not have to increase the volume.

If you want to answer your calls away from your desk phone, then you might require HL10 handset lifter or Electronic Hook Switch. This headset will easily fit on the base of your telephone and lift up the hand piece down or up when you push the button on the headset.

It will enable you to hold on or answer the calls from anyplace. However, you have to get the handset lifter individually to use with this wireless headset. CS520 wireless headset belongs to the 500 series of Plantronics. It is quite functional, offers superb talk time and comfortable. It has a sturdy design.

The sound quality of this wireless headset is excellent. It includes an improved Digital Signal Processing technology that is used to provide natural sounds of voice. Plantronics has added a new technology in this headset that is Voice-dedicated DECT technology. This technology helps to reduce the hindrance from the wireless networks.

This wireless headset of Plantronics offers noise canceling. It reduces the background noise due to which the user can easily talk or listen without getting disturbed. Not just that, the user can easily do a conference with only three other headset users.

It is a brilliant feature for the gamers as well as call center employees. Plantronics has added an adaptive power system into this wireless headset that is used to reduce the power consumption. However, it depends on the distance from the main station. The battery life can be extended up to 9 hours.

CS520 wireless headset of Plantronics incorporates a SoundGuard technology that is helpful in protecting the user from loud and harmful noises. It usually happens when the audio shocks are transferred to the phone lines because of blowing whistles, weather conditions, caller yelling, electricity spikes or any other similar factor. This technology protects people from temporary or permanent hearing loss.


Plantronics CS520 is now setting up a new wireless standard for the communication through desk phones. This wireless headset has a streamlined style and enhanced performance capacity. The user can easily use it on a mobile phone as well. The multitasking is supported by this headset up to 350 feet from the desk phone.

The user can easily answer, mute or end the calls through controls. The user can wear this headset in three different styles and enjoy the contemporary design of the modern system, wireless mobility as well as top quality wide-band sound.

This headset does not bind the hands of the user as it provides hands-free productivity. Have a look at the main features of CS520 wireless headset:

• Excellent and superior binaural design

• Maximum mobility is up to the range of 350 feet

• Superb wideband sound quality

• One touch button to answer, mute or end calls. It can also be used to increase or decrease volume.

• Conference can be done to only three headsets (from CS500 series or Savi) for improved communication

• Superb power management system to optimize the talk time as well as range

• To remotely answer or end calls, it is compatible to use Handset Lifter or Electronic Hook Switch Cable with it

• Easy to subscribe new headsets to the base by docking it up


There are various advantages to use CS520 wireless headset of Plantronics. Some of the main advantages are explained below:

• Comfortable to Wear: It is easy to wear for many hours. It fits and adjusts easily with the head. It is quite light in weight which makes it wearable for a long time. The battery life of this headset is extendable. It is helpful in reducing the neck or back pain.

• Portable: It is easily moveable that is an excellent feature for many call center employees. It can be used as a multitasking tool.

• Long-lasting: It has been made with top quality materials due to which it is the long-lasting wireless headset.

• Easy to Manage: It is cordless, so you do not have to manage the wires.

Usage in Industry:

CS520 wireless headset of Plantronics provides an attractive solution for the companies as it helps to improve the levels of the productivity in a workplace.

This headset is connectable to desk phones as well as mobile phones. When it is linked to Smartphones, then it enables the users to talk to their clients or colleagues while receiving or sending them information through it.

The call centers and customer care department employees can now perform better with the help of this headset. They just have to wear this headset and can move their head easily without worrying about the microphone. The microphone would stay in its position whatever the employee do which means the volume would remain constant.

Noise canceling technology of this headset will enable companies to provide excellent services in the noisy environments.