How to Manage Your Client Relationships in Style with Dubsado

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If this is your first time hearing the word Dubsado, rest assured it won’t be your last. This Customer Relationship Management software is taking the creative world by storm. Founded by (adorable) husband and wife team Jacob and Becca Berg, Dubsado’s ever-growing list of features and mind-blowing commitment to customer service are quickly catapulting this brand to legendary status within small business circles.


So, what’s the big deal about Dubsado? Let’s begin with their trial period. Shelling out loads of cash to audition SaaS programs adds up. For solopreneurs who are getting the hang of the various systems and workflows needed to run their businesses, it’s difficult to know whether a certain software is a good fit in only 7–14 days. Dubsado offers an unlimited free trial with full access to all its features until you hit 3 clients. Finally, a trial period that allows you to do more than fret about how to set everything up.

Here are a few of the other features that will make you fall head over heels for Dubsado:


Use workflows to save time from start to finish. Schedule a combination of emails, to-dos, form mailings, and reminders to perfectly correspond with your process. This flexible system will feel like you’ve got your own personal assistant.


Impress your clients with documents that contain your company’s logo and branding. No extra cost, no confusion.

Time Tracking

Monitor the time you spend on your hourly projects with ease with the built-in tracking system.

Canned Emails

No more writing the same email over and over. Customize and save your emails then send them out with a click of a button. Enable conversation mode to see the full thread of exchanges between your business and your clients without switching over to your email provider.


Use Dubsado’s built-in simple bookkeeping system to manage your finances. Integrate with Quickbooks Online for more detailed financial management (there are plans to integrate with other accounting programs in the near future). Create and send invoices with flexible payment schedules that work for you and your clients. Easily accept payments with Paypal, Square, and Stripe. Bonus: Dubsado does NOT extra fees for payment processing.

To Do Lists and Task Boards

Project management within Dubsado is easy. Create checklists or kanban style task boards to monitor your progress on each job.

Form Templates

Use the form builder to create documents such as lead captures, proposals, welcome kits, and more. If you’d prefer to use existing forms, simply upload them. Choose from any of the 50+ editable forms in the community-sourced Template Library to flesh out your form collection.

Client Portals

Give your clients 5-star treatment with their own portal. This is a central place to store all your forms, emails, and other documents unique to each client.

Calendar Integration

Sync with Google Calendar or iCal to stay on top of your appointments.

And that’s just the beginning.

The best part about Dubsado is the continuous improvement. Dubsado’s team is currently rolling out new features at a breakneck pace without compromising the quality of the service.

Transparency is a major company value, so customers are kept in the loop via email, the Dubsado Facebook Community, and the Release Notes. Keeping up with the new functionality is not a problem since Dubsado creates user-friendly guides, videos, live webinars, 1-on-1 phone support, and complimentary setup services (for those with an annual plan) to ensure your business keeps rolling.

For a sneak peek at what the future holds for Dubsado, take a look at this list. Don’t forget to subscribe to their release notes.

Company Vibe

Dubsado has become a CRM darling in part due to its robust and flexible nature, but it’s the team behind it that has managed to steal hearts. It’s clear from every interaction with their community that Dubsado is a family.

The team is friendly, accessible, and transparent. The Day In The Life of Dubsado YouTube Series reveals a tight-knit group that genuinely enjoys one another and the work they do. They’ve created a Facebook group that somehow manages to feel intimate at 5.1k members and growing.

Thanks to their fierce commitment to Inbox Zero, the Bergs and crew manage to respond to every single email without missing a beat. If you need to get in touch with the team, there’s no jumping through hoops nor secret handshakes required.


Dubsado users are the definition of raving fans. They are completely sold on this company and completely engaged with assisting fellow entrepreneurs within the Facebook community. People cheerfully chime in to help resolve issues, share opt-in ideas, contribute forms to the template library, create sample workflows, give encouragement during times of defeat, and applaud victories. That loving, family feel Dubsado’s core team has created amongst themselves has overflowed and created a stellar community.

There is this feeling that Dubsado “gets it” and not only because it is the brainchild of millennial business owners. The Dubsado team is committed to serving their community and the community serves back. Entrepreneurship can be a hard and lonely road. Having this built-in support not only for the software but for the day to day grind of running a business is a thing of wonder.

The Bottom Line

Dubsado is a young company that is establishing an incredible foundation for itself while raising the bar for customer care in the SaaS industry. It’s got an appealing, chic lifestyle element with a killer product — and an unbeatable price — to back it up.

The Future

Will Dubsado be able to sustain the intimacy and trust they’ve built as they inevitably grow into one of the most well-known CRMs? Time will tell. If they stick to their roots as providers of world-class customer service, anything is possible.

Ready to check out Dubsado? You’ll fall in love with it. Use the code TAINGLEDWEB to save 20% off your first monthly or annual subscription.

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