Balancing Life and Career..what a puzzle! Ha! What Career??


Ahh… the balance of life! Creating more and more obstacles in order to obtain optimum results (Career+Family+Social Life=Very busy girl)! I only really have about one and a half of those right now. Being that I’m single, have 2–3 jobs(depending on how you look at it) and am working to finish up my online Bachelor’s Degree, it doesn’t leave much time for a whole lot else!

The 2–3 jobs comment… I’ll explain; I work as a Barista at Starbucks full-time , I’m a bridal/bridesmaid consultant on the weekends, and I watch my niece all day on Mondays. Watching my three year old niece is a job in itself! That’s the third job mentioned! She’s a doll, but can be quite the little spitfire!!

Balancing those hours with fitting in homework time is always exciting! Working super early at a coffee shop seems great, since you get to be caffeinated for free, but the “hustle and bustle” of that job is tiring. It’s a very physically demanding job, and by the time I get home, I am exhausted! Along with that, I’ve been working with a trainer to try and get healthier-including signing up for her Nutrition Class on Wednesday nights! So, if I don’t head right to the gym after work, I never make it there!

If home distractions aren’t hard enough, with maintaining a household, cooking, cleaning, etc., I live with my parents (yes, I’m 33 years old and still living with my parents-don’t judge me). I’m not able to afford my own place on my limited income. A girl can only do so much to make enough to live on her own! Plus, my parents watch my other three year old niece everyday! If that’s not distracting, I don’t know what is!!

To soften the blow, my employer, Starbucks provides free tuition to Arizona State University for online degrees! Woo hoo!! So, all these jobs I’m supposedly applying for after graduation that require Bachelor’s Degree, I will hopefully have the upper-hand, along with my sparkling personality, cunning wit, and cautiously optimistic attitude!


Finding time for a personal life! Ha! That’s a joke! What’s a social life? I’m on a few dating websites, and have gone on a few dates here and there, but my ridiculous schedule doesn’t allow for weekend dates, which, who wants to go out to eat with a stranger on a Monday night? Weird! Oh well, luckily I’m not 100% focused on my love life right now. I’m a little more worried about finishing up school, and working on getting a career.

“There are three symptoms to good health — sound sleep, exercise and good appetite. As long as you enjoy these you enjoy good health and you can keep stress at bay and lead a happy and great life”. (Rao, 2016)

So, with this advice at hand, I’m working on the exercise part (3 times per week), I’ve always had a good appetite (the Nutrition Class is keeping that at bay), and sound sleep. Let me tell you… I could sleep anywhere, anytime at any given moment. Granted, I don’t always get the sleep I need, since I work so early in the morning at Starbucks on weekdays, and work closing shifts on the weekends… and work 2–3 jobs!

Does anyone have any suggestions to help with my work-life balance? What can I do differently other than keep on trucking along with my cautiously optimistic attitude? “Help me, I’m poor,” as said by Kristin Wiig from the movie Bridesmaids.


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