I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands

I can’t believe I’m here again.

It’s been 4+ years since I blogged with any level of consistency, and BOY have I missed you, blogosphere! Much has changed, and in an effort not to implode the web in one self-indulgent blog post — suffice to say, “I been ah-ight.”

My intent: to share my world and experiences through my lens. It’s a beautiful lens, on so many levels, and I’m SO incredibly lucky to wear these eyeballs. Really, though, my intent is to make you roll out of your fucking chair each and every time you read my stuff because it is funny, it is witty, it is timely…..and it is motherfucking ORIGINAL.

Except for the recipes — y’all already know that.

Your reality: to enjoy. To laugh. To be inspired. To be informed. To be provoked. To be enlightened. To waste 5 minutes, or even 20….

Our journey: will be silly. It will be serious. It will be mind-blowing. It will be introspective. It will be like high school all over again. It will be an opportunity to be offensive on OUR level, without eliciting the input of social media trolls, the morality police or ISIS.

So I invite you…..come laugh with me as we tarry through life, generating smiles and chucking middle fingers — all while — counting bottles of beer on the wall in perpetuity. We will be some productive, tarrying motherfuckers.

And because I’m still mourning the loss of my dear idol, George Michael (otherwise affectionately referred to as ‘Jorge Miguel’), I will leave you with THIS timeless treasure, and one of my very favorites:

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