Taking a Loving Warrior Stance and Investing in Black Liberation

The Chief and Queen Mother from Dust II Onyx Tarot
Our altar from our cohort program this fall, featuring Jessica on the cover of Mobile Bay magazine. Listen to Jessica’s powerful post of Facebook here and follow her.
A spread of cards from Dust II Onyx Tarot

6 ways to Invest in Black Liberation

  • Commit to personal practices so you can stay accountable and stay in relationship through difficulty and discomfort. Explore journaling, meditation, prayer, ritual, and building altars. For more ideas, check out the work of Be Present, Yeye Luisah Teish, adrienne maree brown, Irresistible Podcast, and Generative Somatics.
  • As Beth Pickens says, anger isn’t action and misery isn’t solidarity. Real relationships create an opportunity for ongoing accountability. The internet is not going to hold you accountable. Posting on social media is a start but it is not going to redistribute wealth and power. Building real connections with people and communities organizing for justice will support you in showing up for movements in the years to come. These relationships can offer loving accountability. You do not need to do this work alone! And you cannot do this work alone. Build real relationships and join organizing for justice.
  • If you’re a white person looking to deepen your anti-racist practices join SURJ, Catalyst Project, or local organizing for racial justice.
  • If you’re a wealthy person join Resource Generation or Solidaire.
  • For people of color and white folks check out local groups building the solidarity economy, like New Economy Coalition and the Solidarity Economy US map.
  • If you are a Black person, we are sending you love and solidarity. If you’re looking for community you can check out M4BL, BOLD and Resources for Black Healing.
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