Unfortunately, the Cross Cultural Center redesigned their website so I do not have any images of the previous website layout that we were redesigning. The main challenges of the website was that it was extremely cluttered with an overwhelming amount of information that made it difficult for the user to navigate through. People were frustrated with not only the clutter of information, but the many steps it took to get to where they wanted to go on the website. One of the main things we did was reduce the content that was on the site. We trimmed it down so there would be 4 main tabs: Home, About, Resources, and Opportunities.

For my part, I worked on the resources and opportunities section. I made it easier to navigate by adding tabs onto the side so the user can easily access what they’re looking for.

We got feedback about adding a drop down menu for each tab on the navigation so it remove some steps if the user wanted to access a different tab than whichever one would show up on the front page. That feedback really helped me understand the steps a user takes to access certain content, and even though we trimmed down the information, we forgot to trim down the steps a user has to go through in order to reach a certain part of the website. We also realized we may have trimmed down too much because there are certain things, such as events information, that people go to the website for.

We also changed the footer, previously it would be links that would lead to the contact information, but instead we just listed the contact information directly so it would also be one less step the user would have to take.

The addition of the drop down menu lets the user go directly to what they’re looking for. The site is much simpler to navigate and the information is laid out very straightforward so the user can easily go to wherever they want to go. We did our best to acheive our goals of reducing the amount of information and making it easier for the user to get to where they want to go on the website.

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