Prompt #1

In the first chapter of Design for the Real World, Victor Papanek defines and applies the six aspects of the “function complex” to product designs.

Select one design in your own environment and analyze to what extent it successfully and/or unsuccessfully employs the function complex.

Coffee Maker (Specifically my Rival 12-cup coffee maker)

Methods: This coffee maker is made of plastic, similar to most coffee makers. However, it requires the use of disposable coffee filters in order to be used properly, which can be wasteful for a product that is used everyday. It fits on top of a counter and does not take up too much space.

Use: It makes coffee. Simple as that. Just coffee, no fancy cappucinos or cutesy coffee art capabilities. But if a plain cup of coffee is all you want, then yes it does its job. It does not automatically turn off so you have to pay extra attention to the machine.

Need: Caffeine can be addicting and some people believe they need a cup of coffee in the morning to survive. Because of caffeine’s addicting factor and the incorporation of coffee in our everyday lives, this machine becomes a necessity for most. We can probably still live life without it but it would be difficult.

Telesis: This is a cheap coffee maker. It has one job and thats all it does. This makes coffee accessible to more people since they can have access to a cheap coffee maker that does its job. Coffee is a big part of American culture and a more affordable coffee maker allows more people to have access to the caffeinated beverage.

Association: Growing up, I remember watching my parents make coffee every morning. My mom couldn’t go a day without it. Now, I’ve developed the habit of making coffee in the morning as a necessity to stay awake during the day.

Aesthetics: The design of the coffee maker is very simple. It clearly labels cup measurements for easier use when making the coffee.

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