Prompt #5

Think of a design project you’ve always wanted to do — your dream design project.

Got one in mind?

For this dream project, answer the following questions:

What is it?

100 days of kindness. It would be an app/website to help you keep track of doing a random act of kindness for 100 days and to also give ideas of different acts of kindness to commit.

Why do you want to do it?

There was the #100happydays challenge on social media where people tried to find something about their day that made them happy. I wanted to do 100 days of kindness, not necessarily because I felt like I was an unkind person, but I just wanted to make other people happy with random acts of kindness. I guess it’s like the reverse of #100happydays, where it’s more about making other people happy. My only problem was that the only random acts of kindness I could think of oftentimes involved money, which is why I wanted to incorporate being able to contribute ideas because maybe other people can think of more creative random acts of kindness that doesn’t necessarily require spending money.

Who are the ‘direct clients’ of your design?

It would be for anyone, but since #100happydays was targeted towards a younger audience, I guess 100 days of kindness would be targeted toward a similar audience too. Young college and high school students who are interested in selfless acts of kindness to help others.

What information would you need to know about your clients to inform your design? Consider what knowledge gaps you need to fill.

What would motivate people to participate in such an activity. I think allowing other people to suggest random acts of kindness is a motivating factor, because this eliminates the excuse of not know what to do. However, that’s what I came up with because that was an issue for myself, so I would like to know what issues other people might have in order t solve it.

How can you involve your clients? Provide actionable examples.

Users can interact with each other by suggesting random acts of kindness and also seeing what acts of kindness other people have done as well.

What are potential blockers (both internal and external) that would prevent you from completing your project? Consider what’s prevented you so far.

Publicizing it to get enough people involved and motivated to participate.

How would you test this design? Define your success metrics.

Ask people to use the app/website. Find out how easy/simple it is to use. Is it easy to keep track of your daily acts of kindness? Is it helpful to find acts of kindness to commit? Do people want to participate in this movement? Is there any disconnect between the app and the website?

Would you be able to re-test it? If you would, how? If you wouldn’t, why not?

Yes because then I can improve on the app/website.

Now that you’ve answered all of the questions above, you’re ready to answer the final one:

How would you actually go about doing your project?
List Steps 1, 2, 3, etc.

  1. Gather information on what people would want to take away from this project.
  2. Create a mockup
  3. Test on people
  4. Revisions
  5. Retest
  6. Revise again the product is good.
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