When the going gets tough, will you quit?

One of the biggest challenges when you make mistakes, or just flat-out fail, is to get up and get going again.

Words like courage, intention, and motivation get pushed out by bigger, scarier words, like FEAR, JUDGEMENT, SELF-DOUBT.

As I’ve shared before, this human brain of ours is hard wired for negativity, so if you don’t notice and catch it, that negativity wins. But you don’t have to let it.

So what does this mean for you, anyway?

Health and fitness is no different. In many ways, all struggles are the same.

We have a dream and a vision, we set goals, we get started — and then what?

Reality vs. the dream

The path to success, as my own coach describes it, usually looks more like a bowl of spaghetti rather than a straight, wide-open road.

It may seem straightforward to lose weight, for example. You need your exercise plan, nutrition guidance, a way to measure and track progress, and voila — in a few weeks you’ve reached your goal.

Or have you?

I’d like to say yes, but the reality for most of us is that nothing is straightforward.

The Universe likes to throw us a curve ball now and again, especially when we’re starting something new, scary and different that takes us completely out of our comfort zones.

So, if you decide you’re going to go after a goal, like weight loss, you can expect a few curveballs!

Of course, you might know that, and expect to experience a big shift in how you normally live and eat, but you might not be prepared for how that will show up for you.

What if you get started, then you end up working 12 hour days? Or get the flu? Or your kids get sick? Do you think the first thing on your mind is making a salad and getting to the gym?

What if you feel uncomfortable in the gym, are frustrated trying to make your body do a bunch of new movements that feel awkward, and would rather order a pizza than make your own dinner?

Can you see the elephant in the room?


This is the place no one talks about. Sure, there are lots of before-and-afters. But what about the in-betweens?

Do you ever see photos of people lugging home bags of vegetables, doing the dishes after cooking, or struggling through an early morning workout in the gym when they’d much rather be in bed sleeping?

This is the real stuff, the cold, hard reality of showing up every day and doing what needs to be done.

Sure, there are good days, bad days, even great days.

But the results are slow and incremental, they build up over time — it’s easy to forget to enjoy the great days when you can’t see huge, immediate results for your efforts.

And that’s when that little voice in the brain kicks in.

Watch out for negative self-talk

SELF-DOUBT and FEAR start like a whisper, but get louder the more we listen to them:

“This is too hard — Should I give up?”

“Who am I to think this was going to work for me?”

“I’ll never be able to achieve my goals”

“Do I really deserve to be successful?”

And on and on…

Struggle is uncomfortable

We don’t like to struggle. We want things to feel easy, comfortable and familiar.

It’s easy for us to quit or avoid struggle, because our brain is doing its job — at its primal level, it just wants to keep us safe.

When we’re afraid we go into fight or flight mode, and feel the urge to fight, run, or freeze.

But unlike back in caveman days, we no longer have to fear being eaten by wild animals.

Unfortunately for us, the brain can’t tell the difference between facing a bear or freaking out in the gym, so it sends us those same urges to protect ourselves and voila — we find ourselves straight back in our comfort zones.

It’s easy to skip a workout.

It’s easy to order food in.

It’s easy to make excuses and blame something else, like being too busy, for a lack of results.

It’s easy to give up, and go quietly back to life as it was before.

And for most people? Easy wins.

But it doesn’t have to.

Will you accept the challenge?

Today, I’m challenging you to ask yourself where you may have fallen victim to the struggle — are you willing to take another look?

Are you willing to dust yourself off, face your fears, and try again?

Over the past few years, I’ve learned so much from my own struggles, both in and out of the gym. I’ve made mistakes, had some successes, and lots and lots of struggles, but my reward at the end of it has been a huge amount of personal growth. And I’m trying again.

My own struggles have led me back here, to this page, where I’m urging you to not give up, to get back up and try again.

I believe that anything you truly desire is worth fighting for

Will you quit or will you go the distance?

Originally published at www.yourfithealthylife.com