I think I would question the wisdom of this decision, though, of course, it was your decision to…
Matt West

Hello Matt,

Based on what you said, I added (and will add) a little more context to my post as this should hopefully bring more clarity to why I made my decision. The opportunity I chose was on par with Google’s and Intuit simply aligned more with my goals for what I wanted to do over the summer and what I wanted to learn in the long run. I definitely did not decide on purely something I imagined I wanted to do. Everything, from expectations to what I would be doing, etc. was laid out to me from both sides.

I have made amazing contacts both from working at Intuit as well as interviewing with Google even though I didn’t decide to work there. I believe that regardless of the path I chose, new opportunities would open up. It is really up to the person to decide to make that happen, to make the best of things regardless of where they work.

I understand your questioning to my reasoning and thank you for bringing this up.