On Change and Leaving

Today I decided to become more serious about my writing, and well me.

So, Adedoyin and I were having conversations about what we wanted to see this year from our writing. Doyin seemed to have everything figured out, and I felt like I didn’t.

I knew I wanted to write stories, and poems, but I also wanted to write reviews of art shows, and books, and at the same time I wanted to talk about my life. And I definitely wanted to write think pieces and critical essays.

And although I’ve always felt weird about having a medium and a blog, I never gave it much thought. But I realized that the separation between my blog and my medium wasn’t helping me.

Because I felt bad when I left one page without updates, and at the same time it’s impossible to continually update both sites. This led to my decision to take everything off my medium page and transfer it to my blog, which essentially makes the medium page redundant.

And although that’s a huge decision to make, I feel like it’s for the better. I didn’t lose any stories, poems or prose (even though I did delete this one poem that I didn’t like as much).

So if you want to find me, I’m available at www.camminarecontiffany.com, you can subscribe to my blog there if you have a Wordpress account, or subscribe to my mailing list (if I can get the hang of MailChimp).

Thank you everyone for the amazing support, a lot of the recommends and comments you gave me pushed me to be better and do better. Bye Medium

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