The Umbrella Academy’s Number 6 represents the invisible presence, labor, and acknowledgement of Asian Americans

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Netflix’s Umbrella Academy is an absolute gem: the series revolves around a dysfunctional superhero family, the impending end of the world, and the long term impacts of abuse and neglect. But what I found the most fascinating about this show was its portrayal of its only Asian American hero, Ben. Whether intentional or not, Ben and his character arc represent the necessary, yet unacknowledged, contributions of Asian Americans in society.

WARNING — Seasons 1 and 2 Spoilers Ahead!

Because Ben died when he was a teenager, Ben’s childhood was not demonstrated as vital to his character development unlike the other Hargreeves. This lack of character background and little…

A beginner’s guide to pandemics, global health, and WHO

As a public health major, I found it ironic that the only time the world cares about public health is when this discipline has failed to protect us. For those of you who just discovered what public health is because of the coronavirus pandemic, you came to the right place! I had the opportunity to take a Global Health course over the summer at UC Berkeley, and I’m thrilled to share my takeaways.

TLDR on Public Health Terminology

Public Health: NOT merely the absence of disease, but the prevention of disease at the population level, and the utilization of institutions and policies to ensure positive…

Face masks are making a fashion comeback, but American men can’t seem to get behind the hottest trend of the summer

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Going outside without a face mask these days is so Old Normal. It’s all about the New Normal now. In a matter of months, face masks became the most sought after item worldwide. People just can’t get enough of this stuff; the demand for face masks is projected to surpass 21.2 billion by 2026. Clearly, this is because face masks are the new fashion trend of 2020, with sales across the globe skyrocketing and people rocking their face masks on a daily basis.

It seems that this fashion trend, however, is not catching on in the United States. It’s odd…

A new Red Scare is on the horizon, and it’s already taking shape in Washington

Relations between the U.S. and China are at an all time low — the worst in decades. The sour relations between China and the U.S. will prevent any form of potential collaboration in overcoming the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. But the tensions between these two industrial giants will not only affect the future of trade relations; it will also have long lasting consequences for those with shared American and Chinese identities.

Sarah Kuhn on writing stories of Asian American superheroines

Photo Credits to Sarah Kuhn

Sarah Kuhn is the author of the Heroine Complex novelsa series starring Asian American superheroines. The first book is a Locus bestseller, an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award nominee, and one of the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog’s Best Books of 2016. She has also written the critically acclaimed graphic novel Shadow of the Batgirl for DC Comics and the Star Wars audiobook original Doctor Aphra. She was a finalist for both the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment New Writers Award and the Astounding Award for Best New Writer.

I had the opportunity to speak with…

Isha Karim on founding an AI podcast, her thoughts on science and humanities, and her vision for the future of females in tech

Photo Credits to Isha Karim

Isha Karim is a rising junior at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California. She spends her time interning in research labs and working with nonprofits to make STEM more accessible to underserved communities. Isha is also the founder of rAIsing, a podcast dedicated to opening up the AI conversation to women in tech.

I had the opportunity to speak with Isha about her experiences in creating this podcast and her dedication to increasing diversity in the field of technology.

Tell us about the community you grew up in.

Growing up in the Silicon Valley, I’ve witnessed the rapid growth of tech companies and the culture that have…

LGBTQ+ Asian Americans share their experiences growing up

Art Credits to Josephine Rais

Culture clashes and intricacies of identity encompass the Asian American experience. For LGBTQ+ Asians, in addition to forging intersectional identities like many Asian Americans, they must also navigate self acceptance, cultural expectations and stigmas, and their precarious positions as queer minorities in an increasingly volatile America.

I had the extraordinary opportunity to speak with friends of mine who identify as Asian Americans in the LGBTQ+ community. They share their reflections on the past, their experiences coming out, and their advice to the future generation of LGBTQ+ Asian Americans.

Henry (he/they) was born in Salt Lake City, raised in San Diego…

Nina Davuluri on becoming the first South Asian to win the Miss America title, her initiatives in diversity and beauty standards, and her advice on building a more inclusive America

Nina Davuluri was the first Indian American to win Miss America in 2014. She is an activist, advocate, and educator when it comes to embracing diversity and breaking down beauty standards. Since her win, she has gone on to tour colleges speaking about colorism and her experiences as a first-generation Asian American. She has also gone on to release COMPLEXion, a series that explores colorism and how it affects the socioeconomic status of many along with the stories of those who struggle with these beauty standards.

We sat down and spoke with Nina about her experiences.

Walk us through your journey in pageanting.

I grew up watching…

Dr. Monica Madan on starting an orthodontics firm, what she’s learned from her patients, and her pride in culture and community

Dr. Monica Madan is an orthodontist who co-founded Beverly Hills Orthodontics, an orthodontics firm created by and for women, millennials, and families. She is at the forefront of innovative orthodontics treatment and prioritizes the patient experience above all.

I sat down with Dr. Madan to discuss her experiences growing up, her journey in founding Beverly Hills Orthodontics, and the role of culture in shaping who she is.

Tell us about the community you grew up in. What led you to becoming an orthodontist?

I was born in Los Angeles, and I grew up in Pasadena. Pasadena was incredibly diverse, but no one talked about diversity in the same way it is discussed today. I just knew…

Red Hong Yi on her Groundbreaking Art, Multicultural Experiences, and Hopes for the Future

Red Hong Yi is a visionary artist whose work has transcended borders and nationalities. Known as “the artist who paints without a paintbrush,” she creates mixed media pieces with everyday materials and objects to express themes of heritage, identity, and race. Her art has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and TIME Magazine. Red was named one of the Top 11 Art Entrepreneurs to Know and was recently named one of Asia’s Most Influential Voices.

I sat down with Red to discuss her art and her life.

Tell us about the community you grew up in.

I grew up in a small city in…

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