Egocentric Human Drive

It is all about her socks. The fraternal twins she sports this morning, one black and one grey. She has a very human egocentric drive that make her nervous, though the passerby notice and promptly forget, she is insanely focused on her 2 socks that forgot to find their other pair. They stand knee high and much too proud. So she lets her mind fear for something that is yet to happen, but will happen the way it does. Her thoughts linger, twist, and turn as if driving around an infinite roundabout until dizziness dawns and the car crashes. It is as if all eyes are on her. As if she were Hollywood glamour or the President of the United States. That is how intense the judgment feels, as if the glances could seep into her skin and poison her heart. That is how deep her imagination runs. An hour later, she walks past another girl, with the same mismatched socks, and neither of them notice.

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