I have a philosophy… you have to be prepared to be un prepared. Its just that simple… but the key question is when you have some set backs or challenges… do you go ahead and get it done or do you start done the long road of ” endless excuse lane” …

Here is to being prepared to be unprepared…. I just know I am always prepared to get it done…. matter what. So I am just getting back from doing a 2 day business intensive with a small group of AMAZING Entrepreneurs. Out of now where in the first half of day one… I LOST my voice!!!! Now I don’t mean a little lost my voice. I COMPLETELY lost my voice… its was horrible… No voice… throat not feeling to good and I have two days of teaching ahead of me to serve the group that has flown in to grow their business…

What did I do? I kept it moving. Never missed a beat. Why? Because. It was my job to serve them and more over I wasn’t going to allow this set back get in the way of me:

  • Getting to my goal
  • Accomplishing what I knew I needed to or more over
  • delivering what I had promised….

Nothing frustrates me more than someone not doing what they said they were going to do when they say they are going to do it….

Entrepreneurs don’t make the kind of money they want in their business because they make excuses for not just getting shit done….

Too often we are quick to make excuses… and it’s just not cool. We make excuses as to why we can’t get something or why we can’t get to that area that we said that we are going to get to. It’s so easy to use excuses as a crutch that enables you to bow out… feel good about not getting it done. Unacceptable for me.

How often do you make a promise to a someone…. could be YOU or a client and you just don’t deliver…. yes yes… you have TONS of good reasons…… BUT at the end of the day let’s be honest…. they are just excuses. Good and bad… valid… and maybe very GOOD reasons… but they are excuses.

Stop with the excuses already…. JUST FLIPPING STOP….


The only thing in your way is you….

get out of your own way…..

The only reason why you can’t get it done….

The only reason why it hasn’t happened yet….

Is because you keep making excuses……


I am done.