Laughter At Times Is The ONLY Medicine.

Crying was something I did often. Life felt impossible 10 years ago, and I always felt small. I found my way through the tunnel, by committing myself to laughter.

Sometimes we just have to laugh… yup that’s right. Just laugh… It’s like a medicine, and I believe laughter is one of the best kinds of medicine.

Laughter will change your mood instantly. 
Laughter will help you put a situation in perspective. 
Laughter will force you to look on the bright side. 
Laughter will help you pull your other emotions off the deep end. 
Laughter will help you feel stronger in tough situations.

When it’s tough. Laugh. 
When it’s unclear. Laugh. 
When it’s frustrating. Laugh. 
When it’s depressing. Laugh. 
When it’s overwhelming. Laugh.


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