Dear Lakeway,

Dear Lakeway,

We’ve got a problem that needs fixing.

We’ve got a very corrupt mayor in office, and, he refuses to leave his position.

He has lied to every single one of us, ignored all of our pleas for resignation, and is now so arrogant he’s actually entertaining the idea of running for “re-election.”

We cannot let this happen.

We cannot support a lying, cheating, corrupt mayor.

The reality is, we didn’t elect him the first time, and we cannot elect him this time.

When I say we didn’t elect him, I mean, we did not elect him. Not one person in Lakeway voted for him. Not one. He wasn’t even on the ballot. He simply filled out a sheet of paper with his name, address, and a promise to behave ethically. He got the job because nobody else ran. Sadly, he wasn’t even honest on his application. He didn’t reveal his aliases, nor did he truthfully answer the promise to uphold the ethical duties of the office.

Lakeway is better than this.

Lakeway deserves better than this.

Lakeway wants better than this.

Let’s hope the rumors aren’t true. But, if they are, and he is ignoring the fact that the citizens want him to resign; and he’s forgetting that he’s the laughingstock of Lakeway; and he’s overlooking the fact that he’s embarrassed our city throughout the state; and he continues to be so ill-advised he thinks running for re-election is a smart idea; we must bamboozle him every step of the way, and do everything in our power to keep him out of office.

Sometimes cleaning house can get messy. Really really messy. But, we have to finish what we started when the nefarious “John Smart” preyed on us.

“John Smart” lied to us.

“John Smart” cheated us.

“John Smart” deceived us.

And, who knows what other betrayals “John Smart” participated. In fact, we may never know, but we know enough to know we need to protect ourselves from him.

So, please, promise me this. Promise me you’ll hold him accountable for his wrongdoing. Let’s all join together and do everything in our power to make way for a better Lakeway by voting out the corruption from our highest office.

Times up.

He must go.

Your Lakeway neighbor,

Tiffany McMillan

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