Donald Trump is sexist

The elections have brought many issues up but the hot topic on the internet right now is how Donald Trump is sexist. During the debate on Wednesday Hillary Clinton discussed how Donald Trump has no respect towards women what so ever. Donald Trump is being accused of being sexist because he is calling Alicia Machado (Miss Universe 1996) “fat”. According to Alicia decided to open up about this situation to make people realize that Donald Trump is not qualified to be the president of the united states. Donald Trump states that Alicia Machado has gained a lot of weight after she won the crown in 1996 and even threatened her to give back the crown if she didn't loss any weight. He even mad her exercise in front of the media she states that she was terrified of him.

Donald trump wasn't only sexist but racist to her. She told the press that he also called her “miss housekeeping”. Calling her fat wasn't enough for Donald Trump he also had to bring her race into the negative comments. This is so frustrating to hear because he had no right to bring up her racial background. Not only does this get to me because I am a female but also because I am anti racism. Donald Trump doesn't deserve to be president.

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