Women are suppose to be and do what other people want us to be

How do you view women in our society? Recently Julianne Ishler wrote an article named “5 powerful Ads that subvert what a lady should look and act like” which showed different commercials were women came out in..

The first commercial showed them breaking the stereotypes of women. The commercial was from H&M the women were showing of the amazing clothes while also doing things like picking out food from their teeth. Also, the women feel free to do as they desire. The commercial showed how we as women can still be beautiful regardless of our actions.

The second ad demonstrated how women get criticized by people for doing the same thing as men. We are labeled as selfish, bossy etc. while men are labeled as the boss, dedicated etc. No matter what we do we will always be downgraded because we are women.

The third video was about getting women into sports instead of advertising them as the typical women that just looks pretty and are only there for her looks. It showed women of all shapes and sizes. Women are capable of doing whatever we desire to even if we are constantly being criticized.

The last ad was the one that was the most inspiring because it showed women, girls and boys showing their opinion of women. They were asked to do the first action that came in their mind when they were asked what it meant to be a girl. At first adults and a little boy were asked to act how ever they expected a girl to act. At first they were asked to run like a girl and most of them hardly ran and made women look like we cant run. They were also asked to throw a ball and of course they also pretended to throw the ball very low. Later on they asked young girls the same questions and the young girls ran as fast as they could and threw the ball far. The moral of the story is that the older we get the most judgmental we get and when we ask younger kids they are unaware of how women are truly seen in our society. The ads showed different people view women.

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