November 2015: Kenzie K, Baby Face

Baby Burrito
I got this!
Little Mermaid . . .
Pumpkin . . .
Dancer . . .
Kenzie K! Guess what? I have a tongue!
Halloween 2015
These are my plates of happiness!
I’m ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s! I love this car seat. . . . So comfy.
Ellie is my best friend. She wiggles. She giggles. I like to bite her nose.
Sleeeepy baby!
I feel like King Tut!
A selfie with Grandpa . . . he’s the BEST!
Dad is soooo funny!
Did someone say cookies??!!
Saturdays are special days…
One of our favorite primary girls.
Surfing with dad.
Don’t blink. Don’t blink!
Ready for Turkey!
Too hungry . . . I can’t wait!
Me? I am innocent.
Reading with Grandma.
Boddo gets it.
What is this Bumbo thing?
Being adorable.
Yaaaa! I love adventures.
Angel Face.