What did I do for a faux LV? You’d be amazed !

What would you do for a Louis Vuitton? That’s right, my heart desires the expensive things in life, but my budget doesn’t. My friend and I were fortunate enough to have some time to explore New York City on a muggy, rainy day and our goal was to find the perfect purse. We knew the street we needed to get off on, all we needed to do was bargain our way in to getting what we want. This should be easy however we learned a life changing lesson.

We get off the subway to more rain and follow the directions to Canal Street AKA purse heaven. It was not what we expected. Tons of store fronts with ridiculously looking fake purses, one street with fish heads and other items with no name that smelled repugnant. This place was disgusting as we wandered in and out of these Asian owned stores. Confused why we weren’t finding what we wanted, I finally got the nerve to ask about the purses. One employee looked at us and then looked around the store carefully, gestured us to the back, pushed us in to find a room filled with purses. What the hell? Stacks and stacks of purses were on top of shelves and in broken English he asked what we were looking for. We were ignorant because people that we spoke to made it sound like they sold them on the streets and this was going to be like a street swap meet not a secret meeting hiding from the fraud police. Now that we got the gist, we checked out a few more stores until one of them told us that they had more purses in the back. In the back? “Yes, follow me.”

We followed this gentleman with a walkie talkie to another gentleman who took us across the street into a parking lot under a red parking stand that had cars parked on it. Another set of girls were with us, thank goodness, but we were all thinking the same thing. We’re going to end up dead in an alley somewhere and my conference are going to have to call our mothers that we were missing. Would they find our bodies? We stood there looking at white van and went nervously under the parking structure where the truck was hidden. Two men literally shoved us in the van and locked the door. Shit!

The four of us sat close together with nervous laughter as we listened to the engine turn. All for a purse? The one young blonde girl just wanted a LV dog carrier and now was wondering if it was worth it. We started talking low about how we could take out the guy in the back but how could be get out of the van? Air conditioning started flowing and then the man pulled out a menu of purses, (whew) , got upset with us if we touched anything and transactions were made. They used their walkie talkies to let their cohorts know we were ready to go and if it was safe for us to leave, opened the door and we left. Whew, we were that stupid? Yes, just for the status of the brand name of some designer we don’t even know personally.

That day, we all learned that we did a stupid thing by going in that van just because they said they had purses in there. We were in a big city and they could have been kidnappers, rapists or serial killers. Also, name brands were not all that important. After all it was just a purse and they only person that really cares about it was the person carrying it.