Takeaways from SAP Speaker Series and a retrospective of my first year working as a product designer

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Unsplash

Last week I attended the first ever virtual talk offered by SAP Speaker Series which usually take place (physically) at HanaHaus. With a focus on women leadership and design, this talk featured a panel of great female leaders in design: Cheriana Griggs from Google, Kasia Kesicka from SAP, and Pamela Bailey from Facebook.

Getting inspired by how other fellow designers came to be, I took the chance to reflect on my first year working as a junior product designer after joining SAP as part of the Silicon Valley Next Talent rotation program. …

Tiffany Wu

Product designer 🎨 @ tingweiwu.com | Coffee/bubble tea enthusiastic☕ | Curious innovator🙌 | Aspiring new writer✍️

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