Stopping the distractions

Officially 2 weeks and 2 days since I started freelancing again and it feels like an entire month has gone by. My brain has been on overload some days and other days I’ve filled it with white noise (texting, instagram, checking emails, snapchat, the likes). I started to realize the days I spend checking my phone every 15-20 minutes are the days I feel like absolute crap. Like I’ve gotten nothing done (even though I’ve been chipping away at coding my portfolio website for mind numbing hours). I don’t know what it is, but I realized it makes me feel as if I’ve lost my drive. It makes me feel lazy and unmotivated even when I’ve been working on a project all day. The distraction of stopping my work to check my phone for no reason at all (just out of habit) really takes a toll on my mood (which ultimately affects my productivity).

I’m starting to make a point to leave my phone in another room (or not on my desk) while I’m working so I feel less inclined to check it and so far, I’m noticing it’s helping a lot. Along with checking my phone less I feel more invested in the project I’m currently working on, whether that’s a paid job or personal project. I think with the distractions it has also taken my focus off the feeling of accomplishment, knowing I put all the energy I could into a task and in turn pushing me to work harder on the next thing.

The goal here is to just always show up. Worry about perfection later.
– Mark Manson, Goals
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