Why doesn’t Facebook copy the operation mode of YouTube?

Before answering this question, we need to understand why YouTube launches the YouTube Partner Program. After all, the only reason why users use YouTube is to watch interesting videos. YouTube gains revenue by advertising on YouTubers’ videos, therefore YouTubers’ videos are essential assets to YouTube. By paying for the content production process, users will have higher motivation to continue making videos, thus keeping YouTube interesting for users.

Facebook need not allocate its money to pay for the content production process because of two main reasons:

  1. Facebook is an online social network built around people who already know each other in real life, such as classmates, colleagues or relatives. Naturally, we as human beings like to share our feelings, as well as keep up with our peers, therefore Facebook users will also have the motivation to log onto Facebook in order to check what other people are up to. On the other hand, users also voluntarily post statuses, photos and share videos to express their feelings. Since there will always be an intrinsic motivation in users, Facebook need not waste money to pay for the content generation process.
  2. Apart from being an online social network, Facebook serves various purposes that maintain high daily usage of Facebook. For instance, users can play popular games, such as Candy Crush and Restaurant City through Facebook. Moreover, firms and businesses can set up official Facebook Pages to communicate with their customers. These functions keep Facebook a highly visited website, therefore Facebook can always advertise for their clients to earn their revenue. Thus, Facebook does not have to use money for the content production process.