by Tiffine Wang & Freddy Dopfel

Can enterprise bring sexy back? Freddy and I dug into a few examples of how enterprises are adopting new tech.

The consumerization of enterprise tech, defined as corporations adopting consumer-like solutions for business use, and often purchased through consumer channels, is a trend that’s growing. The widespread adoption of BYOD policies in the workplace has given employees an expectation of choice in the tools they use.

Enterprises have traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies. However, members of today’s distributed workforce are making their own decisions. This is especially true with the growth of…

By Tiffine Wang & Nelu Mihai

Serverless & Containers Containers is the catalyst for microscopic programming, serverless is taking it to a more exacerbated level.

There are several serverless frameworks including Azure, GCP and open source for private clouds but AWS Lambda is currently the most relevant. Launched 4 years ago, it has generated a paradigm shift. Serveless is a great marketing term, but technically speaking, this is incorrect. Serverless in fact, is not serverless. It abstracts the CPUs of computes, but it leaves the other resources such as memory, storage, networking, services at the pre-serverless state, unabstracted.

An analogy…

Part 2: A VC and Entrepreneur in the Cloud (Part 2 of 3), How the Cloud of Clouds will Evolve, Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud

By Tiffine Wang & Nelu Mihai

In our previous article, Introduction to the Cloud of Clouds, Nelu and I broke down the various clouds and their unique propositions. Today, we will discuss multi cloud and hybrid cloud.

Choosing the right cloud for the right application from a price, performance, and security perspective is not a simple process. For many customers, AWS provides all the needed functionality, being almost a complete software universe on its own. However, many large customers are afraid of the “one-vendor-trap” and will try to use several cloud providers for different applications.

Part 1: A VC and Entrepreneur in the Cloud, Cloud 101 & The Future of Cloud (1 of 3) by Tiffine Wang & Nelu Mihai

Hi everyone, I don’t believe that 2018 is coming to an end. This year, I decided to stay put in the Valley. It’s eerily quiet with everyone gone, making it the perfect time to finish this piece

The last few months, I have been exploring the cloud with my friend Nelu Mihai — who happens to be a computer scientist, tech executive and serial entrepreneur and we want you to be part of the discussion…

Hi everyone! This is a piece co authored by a few of my friends. I’ve always had a deep fascination with automation so I’ve spent a lot of time looking at technologies that’s able and not able to.

(Original Published on VentureBeat)

We’ve heard many predictions of how robots will take over the monotonous functions of our daily lives, freeing us to work on highly-skilled or creative tasks. But in fact the opposite may be happening…

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