Free’d from its grasp!

Rose T.Rose
Sep 11, 2018 · 2 min read

How I took back my life…one day at a time.

Recovery, freed me from the grip of addiction.

It gave me a new soul and a new start in life.

My old self but a distant memory of horror’s my mind no longer wanted or needs to remember. That place in time which brought me terrible pain, self-inflicted pain I must admit, see after that first trip through Rehab I knew exactly what was required of me to have a life in recovery.

Even though it was difficult I finally overcame my addiction.

Years I fought my addiction, painstaking days searching for a way to avoid a reality I did not want to face. I lived in the shadows of death.

Freed now from it’s grasp, I can walk free from fears of the law. I can walk free from the fears of; is today the day I die from a drug overdose and will someone find my body in some alley or that lot I awoke in that day I had that: One Last Time …seizure/OD…. I suffered.

Or is today the day I can walk among the normal people and feel a part of society again. A place where I can once again have pride in the life I lead.

My children and family that now want me to be part of their lives.

These dreams we all have carried for years as we struggled with finding the strength to overcome our addictions.

Now can be our reality, knowing we have achieved sobriety.

Cleansed from the infirmities of the past.

Recovery brought me freedom from the grips of addiction… It can do the same for each of you.

Author: T. Rose

Rose T.Rose

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I'm a Recovery advocate. Internationally published Author & Publisher writing about life through Addiction to Recovery.