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Rose T.Rose
Sep 18, 2018 · 5 min read

Are your pain meds making you fat?

The medication’s most people take or are prescribed to help them combat their pain issues, may be something they will deal with for the rest of their lives.

Situations brought into their lives by accidents, life choices or other factors not of their making, can leave these individuals to deal with very real side effects that produce weight gain.

But why? You may ask.

The pain medication that is supposed to help us feel better may actually be making us worse. Those on long-term usage face other problems in different ways on top of the pain problems they already suffer with daily.

The complete effects of what some Pain meds are doing to the body, may include mild numbing of the entire torso not just the area of the body that have been damaged.

Not only do Opioid products, affect the central nervous system they also numb the brain stem so the user does not feel… Pain!

Ok, so that is supposed to be a good thing, right?

It’s what it does to the part of the body, not experiencing pain that is definitely not good. Your body often no longer feels things it should as the natural responses your entire body is supposed to experience in order to function correctly.

The digestive track function is often the first to be negatively affected by this slowdown.

Sluggish bowel movements begin to cause problems, making you feel full and bloated all the time. So you try some over the counter laxatives and such, extra water and fluids all seem to help for a while. Soon it stops working!

You are now worse off than you were before.

Your body is becoming toxic and inflamed by the chronic constipation from the buildup of waste in your gut. Sluggish waste elimination throws your hormones out of balance.

Now you’re really miserable.

So what do you do?

Do you look for another pill to take, to help counter act what is going on? Well yes you can, but it probably will be ineffective in time, also.

Many drugs bring so many side effects it’s almost worse than what you are being treated for you begin thinking. Let’s begin a very simplified explanation of what is going on in your gut causing the problem.

The stomach bacteria are now out of balance so your blood sugar is out of balance causing your insulin hormone not to properly regulate sugar levels. Glucose in the blood for energy is not metabolized correctly either.

Result: systemic inflammation blocks insulin receptors and your body becomes unable to convert calories into energy.

So guess what happens now? Yep you guessed right.

We accumulate Fat!

No one wants this and now we become depressed on top of all the other things going on in the body.

The common signs of Insulin Resistance (IS) are belly fat and weight gain. Belly fat is biologically active tissue that produces its own hormones and inflammation, creating a vicious cycle of weight gain. All that swelling of tissue can also cause circulatory issues leading to heart problems.

So having our digestive tract working properly is very import.

Happy gut, is a happy us.

Appetite Control: systemic inflammation (of the Hypothalamus) can cause Leptin Résistance. Leptin is the hormone that is supposed to make you feel full, but once resistant to Leptin you are hungry more often, can’t satisfy your hunger, leaving you to overeat.

Impaired thyroid function often occurs causing sensitivity to the toxins in the body and your immune system kicks into high gear playing havoc on your autoimmune functions.

When constipation exists you don’t clear hormones well, including estrogen. Yes men produce estrogen too. Elevated estrogen raises the thyroid-binding globulin (TBG) and decreases Thyroid hormones- guess what that does? Weight gain!

When more weight is gained the metabolism slows, leading to worse constipation — ending with poor energy levels.

So what is the answer? Correct diet and exercise.

Insufficient energy levels to get proper exercise and digestion give way to toxicity in the body. Poor delivery of oxygen throughout your body is debilitating and without oxygen — energy is ultimately depleted.

If your body is exhausted it does not digest or remove toxins. This leaves most of us with low energy levels or desire to exercise, eat properly, or engage in life.

As you can see proper diet and exercise regimen is important. Maybe even mandatory, and possibly a life or death situation at this point.

I want you to beware that most diet pills will not help — see even the newest one to hit the market specifically states — DO NOT TAKE IF ON OPIOID MEDICATIONS, so read all the fine print before taking anything, some interactions may cause you to gain additional weight and become obese.

This will then cause further imbalance to your hormones and delay the help or relief you were after, and possibly lead to diabetes. The only answer truly is careful diet and exercise regimen.

Eating foods that are easily digested, low in salts, fats, sugars and carbs is necessary. Doing this will reset your body’s natural functions. Allowing you to feel better even with the pain you suffer from daily.

Yes I know I just took all the fun out of eating, trust me I totally get it. I suffered from all the above so I write from experience, living with the pain from multiple broken bones, torn tissues and ligaments, along with horrendous digestive issues. The swelling and weight gain was killing me slowly and steadily it increased at an alarming rate.

I had to do something and fast.

I accepted more responsibility and accountability for my health issues and less dependent on my doctors to solve all my problems. I read everything necessary about medication side effects and studied the pros and cons of various diet and exercise programs until I found ones that worked for me.

I seriously engaged the solution with a long-term commitment and within a few weeks, the changes in my physical wellbeing and my emotional state were significant.

Needless to say my doctors are delighted with my results.

So am I.

Please consult your Doctor before starting any serious diet and weight loss or exercise regimen to guard against any possible issues you may unknowingly face.

Author: T. Rose

Rose T.Rose

Written by

I'm a Recovery advocate. Internationally published Author & Publisher writing about life through Addiction to Recovery.

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