Universe iOS 1.1.0 Release Notes

Holiday Refresh Time!

We’ve listened to your suggestions and we’ve made quite a few changes in this app update:

- New: You can now access all your announcements on the home screen, no more searching for new announcements.
- New: Search for your university, college or school — If it’s not on the list, drop us a message and we’ll find out if we can add it to the app.
- Redesigned: We’ve completely changed up the sign in process. It doesn’t give us nightmares anymore.
- Redesigned: We’ve slimmed down the home screen.
- Redesigned: We’ve given the announcement layout a fresh coat of paint.
- Bugfix: We fixed an issue that caused you to not be able to submit a post and get stuck on a page, sorry about that.
- Bugfix: We fixed an issue that caused the app to crash unexpectedly.

Another big feature of Universe 1.1.0 is that any university or school running Sakai 10 can use Universe.

We’ve held off a few new features till 1.1.1 (releasing in a few weeks) such as Google Drive Integration in order to tweak it a bit more.

Happy learning from the Tiger Bytes team!

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